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By: Jeannie Tucker:

In learning to dance many people try to learn several dances at the same time. Imagine trying to learn to ski, fly a plane, roller blade, master the game of tennis all at the same time. Your progress in all would probably suffer due to your spreading your energies too thin. Yes, all the skills are physical to some degree but different in so many ways. The different dances can also vary in many ways.

Most people who want to learn to dance want to do it well. When I wanted to learn a new skill I dedicated time to focusing my energies only on that goal. I didn't tell myself that I wanted to be an athlete and therefore wanted to learn to master all sports at once. I instead picked one that I would be be able to master and enjoy.

Once you decide to focus on one need to gain insight as to the skills necessary for learning the different dances. All dances require a keen mind/body connection. This is a skill that can be cultivated by a good mechanical coach. Some dances require more body isolation than others, some require more upper or lower body strength and some challenge your aerobic ability.

Many things go into that choice and consulting with an independent dance professional would probably help.

Before that meeting ask yourself the following questions:

- Do you have physical limitations?

- What type of music do you like to listen to or move to?

- If learning for a special event...what music will be played?

- Why do you want to learn? (to meet people, for fun, for exercise..)

- How physically fit are you?(Some dances are more demanding that others)

- Where will you go out to dance? (in what environment ...nightclub or studio?)

- What are your goals? (social dancer, competitor, teacher..)

Regardless of the dance you choose, you will need to be realistic about the time it takes to excel at any skill. It takes practice, good note taking and the desire to enjoy the journey.

If your learning process is effective you will learn fundamental skills that will transfer to any other dance you learn thus making learning the next dance easier and more fun.

By sticking to one dance at the beginning you will be able to reach a level of accomplishment that will empower you and give you the confidence needed to go out and enjoy the social dance floor and have fun.

Here's to the The Focus of your Intention!

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