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"Private dance lessons give you a comfortable environment in which to work on your social dance skills or general body movement. Being one-on-one with your teacher allows you to be very specific about your needs and concerns. The teacher is able to facilitate the best learning at a productive pace so you reach your goals quickly and efficiently.

You can learn the basic skills to have fun dancing around the floor at that special event, wedding or special night out. If you are a serious social dancer, I can help you refine your basic technique, specific skills or advanced moves while identifying and addressing where you should focus.

For the competitive dancer, private coaching makes all the difference in winning or losing. My years as a performer, competitor, diagnostic judge and educator give me the skill to analyze your movement, transitions, choreography, style and projection."

- Jeannie Tucker (Master Dance & Movement Coach)

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"As a master dance and movement coach, with a lifetime in the dance and entertainment industry, it is my honor to teach begining students all the way up to serious competitors. Teaching people the skills needed to get out and enjoy social dance is a real passion of mine. I teach private lessons and group dance lessons in Tucson, Arizona and offer lessons tailored to YOUR needs. No contracts, no sharing of floor space or music during lessons and no pre-set lesson plans. The focus is ALWAYS your needs, your timing, your goals and you learing pace...

My time is also spent traveling to judge, compete and teach workshops in various dances and styles with a focus on fluidity and control. Learning to dance is self-esteem building and can open a student up to great personal growth while helping to create a more healthy lifestyle.

It is an honor to be able to teach and provide a space for students to learn and grow. Teaching provides a soulful connection to people and gives me the opportunity to empower them to reach higher, try harder and break down any negative paradigms they carry. It connects me to "purpose" and expands my heart on a daily basis. The trials and struggles of my life and career have taught me so much - I look forward to sharing what I have learned with you.

Whether you want to learn to dance for fun, to create a whole new social avenue, to lose weight, prepare for an upcoming wedding or formal affair, improve your posture or exercise and improve your mind body connection."

Just remember...

"If Dancing is YOUR Passion, Teaching You is MINE!"





It is my honor to be the webmaster, historian and archivist for the "Famous" 299th Combat Engineer Battalion...

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"My father, James W. Tucker, was an officer with the Famous 299th Combat Engineers and landed D-Day on Omaha Beach / Normandy, June 6th 1944. This site is dedicated to him and to all the brave and honorable men of the 299th who served with him"

News Stories and video about James W. Tucker

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