- Weekend Workshop Intensives -

A series of workshops held in a one or two-day format providing intense study on various dance subjects. Some titles may include:
Turn Technique, The Conversation of Swing, Show Me the Music, Managing the Motion, Mastering Your Machine, The Contra-Body Connection and many more. The focus of these intensives is to broaden the students understanding of the basic concepts needed in partner dancing. The above classes are geared for all levels with dance patterns included to demonstrate the various subjects.


- Convention Workshops -

A fun group class of usually an hour or so in length with innovative social moves taught.
My convention workshops provide an energetic environment in which to work on a particular set of moves with a variety of partners in a rotating partner format. You may occasionally see some of the same titles as the intensives and some similar technique reinforced through the patterns taught.


- JT Micro-Workshops -

Since the availability of time slots at conventions / events for my private lessons are few and booked in advance I have created the JT Micro-Workshop concept to help me be available to a wider student base.
JT Micro-Workshops are for from 4-10 people and are designed to give the students the personalized attention of a private lesson along with the financial savings and concentrated subject matter of a larger workshop. Simply gather together friends with similar needs in instruction (For example: turn technique, syncopations, music interpretation, lead / follow skills or styling) and book time as a group.

- West Coast Swing Judging Seminars -

This is a fun filled and educational seminar for the dancer just wanting to improve their dance or the person wanting to understand the skills necessary to judge the dance. It is taught in a 3 or 6 hour format. We go over the fundamentals of West Coast Swing and how to understand and execute good Timing, Technique, Teamwork, Choreography & Showmanship.

This seminar is all about sharing and growing in a comfortable and creative environment.

Photo by Tom Longerbone/Phoenix

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