As an entertainer, I have always loved the creative aspect of being an actress, choreographer and performer. Sharing your art with an audience and pulling them in to be a part of the energy you create, is an indescribable high and one that I will always enjoy. Years as a student and performer, combined with traveling and working through my own life's adversities, have all helped mold the teacher that I have become and am still becoming.

For me, to be a teacher is to always learn and grow in your ability to come to your students. Each day of teaching is a day of discovery. Whether it is discovering a new approach to a subject, a better understanding of a student, or simply a new way of finding joy in the process.

In approaching dance, there are many places and ways to learn new moves, but what most people seem to desire is to look and feel more like a dancer. In my workshops and classes, I try to help people find the dancer within themselves while breaking down dance patterns into their most basic elements so they can be applied comfortably to their own dancing. There is no one secret to having a dancers physique and abilities. It's all about taking responsibility for the way you walk, stand, and move through life.

By devoting workshops to "The Conversation of Dance", I try to help people have a better understanding of what "connection" means, with an emphasis on how to "talk" and "listen" through the body. Dance is a non-verbal conversation, with proper and effective rules of interpersonal communication applying there as well.

Being a body mechanics coach means that I am basically a mechanical engineer of the body and of movement through it. I focus on sound technique and believe in a common sense approach when learning to dance. If a theory I explain to you is solid, it should hold true in other forms of movement, from other types of dance to sports and into your everyday activities.

Helping people learn to efficiently use their bodies means sometimes teaching them to relate to muscle groups they may not have been in touch with. Whether it's developing better posture and self-confidence, or learning dance to create a new social outlet for ones-self, the process of self-improvement and growth can be exciting and empowering.

The way we carry ourselves and perform in sports or dance has a lot to do with how we feel about ourselves and how others perceive us. Developing balanced and fluid body movement can dramatically improve that and by doing so change our lives.

Throughout the years, dancing and performing have given me a remarkable level of beauty and enjoyment. As a performer I hope I can bring that joy to my audiences, helping them share in the experience. My students are like an extended family with whom I enjoy sharing my years of experience and love of dance.

I strive to make the learning process pleasurable while challenging their minds and bodies. Empowering people to feel good about themselves and their abilities is very important to me and their accomplishments add profound richness to my life.

Thank-you to all the students I have had the pleasure of working with and to all I will enjoy meeting in the future.

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