Remote Dance & Movement Coaching

Remote Coaching is the term used for any coaching interaction that does not take place face-to-face. This can therefore include video coaching, phone coaching and coaching that might take place through email or other messaging formats.

For people who are regularly on the move, for those who have difficult work hours, or for those people who do not have a master level coach nearby, the Remote Coaching service is an extremely attractive proposition. Remote Coaching sessions are also a good follow up to a face-to-face coaching session when you might not be able to get another for a while. It allows followup on the changes or modifications made to your movement & dance. New choreography or modification to exsisting choreography can be made as well.

Jeannie has spent a lifetime in the entertainment industry as an actor, dance performer & competitor. She works as a dance diagnostician & judge as well as a master level movement & dance coach specializing in many styles of dance. Being able to facilitate change and help people grow in their ability to enjoy dance is a heartfelt focus of her teaching. As an artist in many forms of expression, she is able to see and appreciate fluid line, grace, solid structure and use of space in dance as art. She enjoys sharing her years of experience and helping others find joy and self-empowerment through dance.

For years Jeannie has been coaching remotely. Students send their videos for analysis via mail on DVD or VHS, provide a Youtube or Vimeo upload link or simply get technical advice and guidance via a phone conference.

Youtube video uploads can be marked "private" thus allowing only Jeannie to view them.

Sessions can be bought in 1, 2 or 3 hour sessions and are scheduled via email.

What are some of the Benefits of Remote Coaching?

Remote Coaching is a powerful process in its own right and the benefits that Remote Coaching affords to clients include:

• Convenient: remote coaching can easily fit in with the busiest working lifestyle. Clients can access remote coaching wherever they happen to be in the world, through all the usual technology platforms. No need to wait untill the next convention for a face-t-o-face session, you can work remotely and see quicker progress in your dance.

• Greater global choice: you are not restricted by geography. Having a hgh level dance coach in your area is not necessary...Jeannie can work directly with you and also with your dance teacher to make great improvements in your current abilities.

• Time efficient: sessions are typically shorter and more frequent, which can suit some clients. You can submit video and have a phone consultation for the results or they can be emailed to you. Paid Remote Coaching hours can be used over a period of time as needed.

• Cost effective: stripping out travel, room costs and keeping the sessions short can make your coaching budget go further. Jeannie gets right to the heart of your issues and provides homework for you to practice until the next session.

• Faster access: you can set up sessions quickly to meet immediate and unexpected needs. Face-to-face coaching is scheduled into busy lives well in advance, remote coaching is also easier to plan at short notice.

• More focused: some clients say that they find remote coaching even more powerful than face-to-face coaching because there are few distractions.

Are there any other considerations? Remote coaching is often used as part of a blend, using telephone, face-to-face and email in a combination to suit the changing demands on your time.


Jeannie makes a full analysis of your body movement, dance skills and/or choreography including:

  • Centering & Control of Movement
  • Priority & Focus of Study
  • Stage Presence
  • Styling
  • Balance & Technique
  • Over-All Body Mechanics
  • Individual use of Space & Staging
  • Choreographic analysis
  • Costumn advice for your figure type & personal style
  • Advice for developing your dance career & more.


Questions about Remote Dance & Movement Coaching?

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