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Private lessons are designed to satisfy the students objectives. Not all instruction is the same. Learning the proper foundation and technique of your basic skill sets and movements in the beginning means you will not have to come back and relearn the information later. I bring a lifetime of dance performance, social dancing and over 35+ years of teaching to the table to help you learn correctly. It s an honor to teach and I look forward to working with you!

Lessons can be booked by the hour or more at 1/2 hour increments. Lessons can be shared with a dance friend at no extra charge which allows you to maximize your lesson investment. Private lessons can be purchased per hour or in special lesson packages.

Private lessons are great for those who:

- Have a flexible job and hours.

- Want to learn at a much faster pace with more detail.

- Need to freshen up your current dance style or moves.

- Want to improve posture, balance and over-all coordination.

- Desire to create a new, fun and exciting social skill.

- Getting ready for a wedding or other special affair.


Top 10 Ways to Make Your Private Lessons Work for You!  

"Teaching is not a trade in which the service rendered all students is the same. My students range from the once-in-a-while dancers to serious social and professional dancers. The dance skills, body structure and learning methods of all these students vary. Advanced dancers and beginners can be very insecure on the dance floor even though they are confident in other arenas of their lives.

Teaching dance is as much an art form as the dance itself. My professional challenge is detecting a student's learning style and dance needs and then tailoring solutions to match the student's social or professional goals."

Student Goals

Most students have a vision of how they would like to look and feel as a dancer. I empower students to become more competent dancers by developing balanced and fluid body movements, sufficient dance floor confidence and, finally, a technical knowledge of the dance.

Dance Skills Assessment:

Our dedication to the fundamentals of posture, movement and technically correct basic moves is essential. Fancy moves before correct basics is a self-destructive and wasteful direction. So, immediately, I will assess your natural physical abilities and basic dance skills. Even advanced dancers, seeking sophisticated detection of subtle problems, are often plagued by a lack of attention to their basic technique.

I will also consider your physical structure (small, muscular, etc.) and design individually tailored solutions because management of weight on the body structure is essential to good dance.

My Instructional Strategy:

Now, with a reasonably clear knowledge of a students goals, basic dance skills and physical structure, I will begin a strategy of instruction: one combining my knowledge of different dances, dance moves and the body's mechanics with our new assessment of your dance resources.

Body Mechanics:

Body mechanics deals with the mechanical operation of the human body while in motion. These principles benefit ALL your physical activities including dance & your everyday pursuits. It can be exciting and empowering to gain correct control of your body, which in turn translates into greater self worth, public confidence as well as the "more ideal dancer's look."



The right song for the right dance can make all the difference....

If you are looking to find a good song for practicing your dance moves, then click the link below. I have put together playlists for Salsa, Foxtrot, East & West Coast Swing, Two-Step and much more for you to choose from...




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