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By: Jeannie Tucker:

Whe learning to dance, getting up to speed in that dance can sometimes be a great challenge.

As a musician, I suggest going back to basics. A metronome is a device that produces a regular pulse, usually used to keep a beat steady in musical rehearsal. Musicians use metronomes when they practice in order to keep a standard tempo; i.e., keep a steady beat throughout the music. Metronomes come is a variety of styles with various options. The simply most inexpensive version is all you need for dance practice.

In dance, a metronome can provide a steady beat that you can adjust to fit your needs and skill level as a student. If you are learning to dance a fast dance like Salsa, Mambo, Cumbia or Merenge the metronome can be a great way to get up to the fast social speed of the music gradually and at your own pace. You can start with 50-60 BPM (Beats per Minute) and then progress slowly with out sacrificing technique. You would need to get to about 175-210 BPM for a fast Salsa, Cumbia or Mambo.

With practicing any repetitive motion the metronome adds a sense of timing that is simple and constant. It is very helpful when trying to imprint a skill into muscle memory, which is the nervous system's ability to memorize, or perform automatically, a well-rehearsed motion. In order to maintain the smooth and coordinated motions at a higher speed you need to very gradually increase the tempo.

Everyone comes with a different mind/body connection. Some of us can communicate with our body and access the muscles readily and others need a bit of coaching and guidance to get the lines of communication to open up and function more efficiently. As a Body mechanics Coach, I have found that the use of a metronome can help the talk between your brain and body become more accessible, efficient and consistent. It enables you to focus on the primary beat and not be concerned with any other distractions.

You might find the metronome to be the best dance tool you have when it comes to "Getting YOUR Dance Up To Speed".





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