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Dance Floor etiquette varies a bit depending upon where you are dancing. (Salsa, Western, Ballroom or others) The general rules of polite behavior and social graces though are universal. Being responsible while driving around the dance floor requires careful attention to the social norms in that particular environment. Road rage is as unnecessary on the dance floor as it is on the highway. Always opt for courtesy to get you out of a sticky situation. The Country Western dance floor presents a bit of a problem as you have so many different dances with different movement on the floor at the same time. Below is a diagram to assist you in navigating there.

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The line-of-dance is counter-clockwise around the room.
Dance in a continuous forward movement.

Pony Swing and Rhythm Two-Step are circular in nature and should be danced in the center.

If you are mixing Progressive two-Step and Rhythm then just be careful not to block the flow of dance traffic in the fast lane.

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