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It's YOUR Day...Make it SPECIAL -Learn to Dance Together Through Life...

"I can help to learn simple steps or work with you to create a choreographed dance to your special song. You receive one-on-one instruction and as a master dance & movement coach, I can work with you regardless of your prior skill level. Set the stress of planning aside; just relax and enjoy learning how to move together, effortlessly, as one."

Foxtrot, Rumba, Salsa, Waltz, Swing, Tango, Bolero, 2 Step, Nightclub & more....


"When Scott and I first started our dance lessons I thought there was no way we would be ready in time for the wedding. Jeannie was fantastic to work with, she kept us calm and tailored a dance that made us feel graceful. Our lessons were something we looked forward to every week and we were so proud of ourselves on our wedding night. We really enjoyed the time we spend preparing for our first dance, I would highly recommend Jeannie to anyone who feels nervous about performing in front of their family and friends."

- Scott & Trisha (Tucson, AZ)


My fiancé (now husband) and I took private dance lessons with Jeannie Tucker for about 6 months leading up to our wedding. We learned a choreographed (by Jeannie) dance for our first dance, as well as two-stepping and other moves we could use to have fun at our reception!

I have to say, taking these lessons was my favorite part of wedding preparations by far. In the midst of everything else going on, it was so nice to take time out to spend with my fiancé - it was like a date!

Jeannie was an amazing instructor. I was constantly in awe of how she could watch the way we were moving together, and know how to instruct each of us so that we moved together better. She tailored her approach to each of us based on what we responded to/our learning styles, and the result was fantastic. It was fun to watch how well she dances also - she's so graceful and talented.




Patterson Grimes wedding

Our first dance went beautifully and we had so much fun dancing at the reception (and since then also!). I would highly recommend taking dance lessons with Jeannie to any couple, upcoming wedding or not, because it's so great to have an activity to do together. Jeannie was such a joy to work with and we plan to go back for more lessons/refreshers, and we think of her often!

- Jessica (Patterson / Grimes Wedding) (Tucson, AZ)





"Jeannie was an amazing instructor. My husband and I we're not good at dancing together as a team and she was so patient with us giving us both the critiques and individualized attention to work on our problem areas and make us a team. Just when we thought it was hopeless she picked us up and our last dance lesson we finally got the routine down. I highly recommend her for any dance lessons. Her kindness makes the lessons so much more meaningful."

- Ashley (Tucson, AZ)




“My wife and I wanted our first dance at our wedding to be spectacular so even though we did not have much time we decided to take lessons.  We had never taken lessons before, so we were concerned with finding the right place and instructor.  We started by taking lessons at a big dance studio.  After several lessons they wanted to sell us an expensive “package” that would not even get us what we wanted.  We were disappointed.  A friend then suggested we see Jeannie Tucker.

Jeannie was absolutely fabulous!  She adjusted her teaching techniques to fit our skill level and personality (I was not as advanced as my wife).  Although we did not have a lot of time before our wedding day, she choreographed a truly amazing dance for us. She made it fun, productive yet not too challenging.

When the big day came we were confident and we “wowed” our family and guests. In fact we received a standing ovation and our DJ was so mesmerized that he forgot to fade out the music at our last dip (be sure to remind the DJ several times).  My wife was so happy; it made our first dance a truly memorable experience.

Taking lessons from Jeannie was one of the “best” things we did for our big day!   Thank-you Jeannie...

We enjoyed our experience so much that we have continued lessons with Jeannie!”

.- Tony & Sasha (Tucson, AZ)



"At first I thought dancing involved no skill as I had never danced , then after going to classes each week with Jeannie, it was very challenging.  Indeed, Jeannie brings out the best in her students with a balance of technique and discipline.

It taught this Marine how to dance and that dancing can not only be fun and can be a goal oriented learning experience"

"Jeannie Tucker came to our wedding and gave a lesson to our guests after our first dance, this added another level of fun and class to a remarkable evening."

- Don & Theresa (Tucson, AZ)


"Creating our wedding dance with Jeannie turned out to be one of the most important parts of our wedding. it allowed us to step back from all the details and remember what getting married is all about: learning to listen to each other, working together, and having fun. Jeannie is an amazing dancer, teacher and choreographer, and we loved learning to dance from her. We can't wait to take another class!"

- Tara & Micah (Tucson, AZ)


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